Gypsy Kitchen

While the Gypsy Kitchen restaurant is located in the chic Buckhead Atlanta development, once inside the patio doors and beyond the sweeping skyline view of Buckhead, guests are taken on a sensory trip to the exotic Iberian Peninsula. Spanish, Moroccan and Indian influences permeate everything from the smallest details in the cuisine to the mammoth metal bull prancing over the bar.

Trendy geometric patterns and mosaic tiles adorn the bright turquoise walls while Moorish lanterns and iron chandeliers lend an ambient, rustic glow. Copper tones and deep-red leather accent the wooden tables and hardwood floors. Stacks of vintage suitcases above the bar evoke the nomadic traveler theme, complemented by the riveting gaze of a mysterious woman overlooking the space.

Tapas-style plates are served out of a state-of-the-art kitchen, which is shared with neighboring restaurant Southern Gentleman, also completed by Choate.

The HVAC system for the space is comprised of water source heat pumps with an outdoor air unit. The kitchen exhaust systems features four hoods, exhaust and make up air equipment, welded black iron grease duct, and pollution control unit.

Superica – Krog Street Market

Superica, a “Mex-Tex” inspired restaurant with a casual and lively atmosphere influenced by the famous Chef Ford Fry’s Texan roots, is a 4,983 SF restaurant is taking a space at Krog Street Market. Formerly Tyler Perry’s studio in Inman Park, the transformation of the existing warehouse space turns into an upscale restaurant with wood-burning grills and an indoor/outdoor patio bar set up to host live music.

The project is located within a recently renovated building classified as an A-2 assembly occupancy.  The construction type is IIIB and is fully equipped with a NFPA 13 Dry System.

Greater Atlanta Christian Junior & Senior High School Renovation

Following the spin-off from Kimberly-Clark Clark Corporation, Halyard Health relocates their headquarters office to Kimberly-Clark’s campus in Alpharetta, GA. Four floors within two office buildings are renovated in an extremely fast-paced four-month schedule. Halyard Health is a global healthcare company focused on preventing infection, eliminating pain, and speeding recovery.

Full height glass doors lined with Halyard’s distinct logo allow guests to enter through various other points of entry. Upon entering Halyard’s main lobby, guests are greeted by porcelain Italian tile floors and a fumed Aspen wood reception desk. Halyard’s logo is prominently displayed against custom millwork wall panels. Canted display walls with additional printed vinyl decals create an unmistakable sophistication in elevator lobbies. Elevator lobbies and conference areas are illuminated by 5-foot cylindrical mud-in lighting fixtures. A skyfold partition is installed in the large conference room.

In the six breakrooms throughout the corporate office, Italian porcelain tile backsplash plus custom millwork panels evoke the modern atmosphere felt throughout the entire office.

The renovation encourages employee collaboration and engagement. Breakaway rooms made for small conferences include full monitors and backlit LED lighting lining the wall, facilitating mobile conferencing. Comfortable seating plus full internet capabilities allow for a shared work environment in the mobile lounge. Nearly 80% of the sheetrock in the office is covered with writable wall surfaces, enhancing employee teamwork. Scheduling monitors are installed outside all rooms with meeting capabilities to eliminate any scheduling complications. Wellness rooms provide a place for relaxation and healing for new and expectant mothers or employees feeling under the weather.

Central core areas feature custom designed booths complete with Halyard’s distinct colors, full bar-height island, fumed Aspen millwork, and elegant Cambria quartz side panels. Employees can enjoy a sophisticated coffee bar with a high-end espresso maker and monitors. BuzziSpace, a sound-absorbing felt, is installed in common core areas allowing for acoustic deafening. LED lighting throughout these areas have occupancy sensors to allow for energy efficiency. Custom display cabinets are installed outside of core areas, showcasing the company’s products.

One of the largest and most unique areas in this multi-faceted project is the laboratory space. A see-through custom ducted, stainless steel fume hood is installed, allowing employees to view experiments occurring in the lab. As employees enter the lab, all of the printed vinyl decals on the full height glass doors showcase the patent numbers of all of Halyard’s products. Welded chemical resistant vinyl floors and multi-faceted millwork clouds hang above all lab islands, creating the look of a sail. These millwork clouds aid in both lighting and acoustics, absorbing sound created in the laboratory. Each lab island is equipped with epoxy resin tops, medical gases, and completely deionized water systems. Mock-up rooms allow customers to see all of the company’s products in motion, offering true-to-life and fully operational surgery rooms with surgical lighting and medical equipment.

Halyard’s basement contains a machine shop prototype room, installed for new product development. An environmental chamber allows employees to modify the controlled environment, including humidity and temperature, to facilitate product reaction experimentation. To allow for the sophisticated equipment installed throughout the building, a steel platform is built on the roof housing mechanical equipment and exhaust units. A screen is installed around the equipment, featuring 15-foot Alucobond metal panels and covering 40-by-90-feet, to obscure visibility from the road. A synthetic rubber 60-mil roof is added with a wire platform to support the mechanical equipment and exhaust units.

SMU Gerald Ford Stadium Renovations

Renovation & upgrades to the Ford Stadium included the addition of eight new suites / 163 new seats, and a new 228-seat Hall of Champions Club, in time for the 2013 season and SMU’s move to the BIG EAST. Among the great features of the new Club and suites is their indoor/outdoor design which will allow fans to enjoy the comfort of indoor amenities as well as the excitement of sitting out in the bowl and hearing the roar of the crowd and the hard-hitting action on the field.

Angelika Theatre at the Shops at Legacy

The Angelika Theatre interior finish out incorporated high-end materials that resulted in a sophisticated, luxurious venue. The 20,000 SF theatre features Angelika’s signature crystal chandelier and a free-standing radius stairwall with stainless steel rails and decorative concrete steps to match the stained concrete on the second floor concession lobby. The glass elevator is trimmed in brushed stainless steel and the elevator face on the second floor features walls fabricated from the same Israeli-imported granite that is used on the first floor.

The floor and columns on the first level of the theatre are crafted of polished bamboo. The concession stands on the second floor were made of exotic woods imported from Australia. Rogers-O’Brien installed all the equipment for concessions. Two of the theatres were designed for conference room capabilities, with dimming lights, podium and computer/Internet connectivity that ties into the theatre sound system. The team installed stereo sound systems in the entire theatre complex.

Infosys Data Center

The conversion of an existing Class A office space into a new 5,000 SF data center was achieved in three short months in a fully occupied building without incident or disruption of service to occupants. The supporting infrastructure areas are protected by an Inergen fire suppression system as well as a city required, redundant fail safe pre-action system. The requirement for standalone and uninterrupted operation of servers required that new dedicated infrastructure be added, including new electrical service, UPS, standalone Chilled Water Cooling System with air cooled chillers and an emergency generator for back-up power. A new service yard (tilt-wall enclosure) was constructed in the adjacent parking lot for securing the generator and cooling tower from outside interference or tampering.

Volunteers of America Early Childhood Education Center

When making plans for the future few things are as certain as who will be the teachers, mayor, police officers, doctors and engineers the children of today. A renewed focus on providing those children, more specifically those living below the poverty level, with the resources to find success at the earliest stages of development was the driving force for the Volunteers of America (VOA) Early Childhood Education Center.

The VOA-operated Great Kids Head Start Delegate Center in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood, which has been providing early childhood education to preschool children since 2001, had outgrown its location and held a waiting list of 30 eligible children. Enter, VOA Early Childhood Education Center, a new 11,425-square-foot facility located adjacent to a new affordable housing community where many eligible children and families reside.

Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery

The 8,500-square-foot Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building (JSWB) is a design-build project for the University of California at Davis. It houses technologies that will support the adjacent Brewery and Winery Facility (BWF), allowing it to be the world’s first self-sustaining, net-zero water/carbon/energy teaching and research facility. It is expected to be the first building at any university to be certified Net Zero Energy under the Living Building Challenge. The technology it will hold includes water harvesting and filtration, carbon sequestration, fuel cells and others. Through a collaborative delivery process, the project was delivered at a final cost of 11% less than the original budget, including significant enhancements not deemed possible in the original scope.

Gates Biomanufacturing Facility

A design/build project completed by the Saunders and MOA team, the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility is a 112,000-square-foot, four-story medical research laboratory and academic facility located within the Science + Technology Park at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. The building is seeking LEED Gold certification.

Developed as a collaboration between the University of Colorado and the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority, the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility offers an unrivaled range of opportunity to life sciences research and development companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to established industry leaders.

The building houses the University of Colorado Department of Bioengineering, and multiple private biotechnology companies working in collaboration with the University including ClinImmune Labs, Precision Biopsy, and iC42 Clinical Research and Development. This state-of-the-art building is intended to be a blend of educational and private laboratories, which encourage collaboration and cross pollination within the bioscience and biotechnology community. The building is expected to be fully leased a year ahead of schedule.

The project included full design and build out of the interiors with a variety of program spaces including classrooms, study rooms, teaching laboratories, wet and dry laboratories, clean rooms, office space, conference rooms, IT support, cryogenic freezer areas, acid storage, and support areas. Approximately 50 percent of the building is research laboratory space and 50 percent academic and office support.

Fairplay P-12 School (BEST Program)

Located in the rural mountain town of Fairplay, Colorado, the 125,000 sq. ft. project provides a new state-of-the-art P-12 education campus. The project was completed in several phases. The campus features separate facilities for the Elementary, Middle and High School as well as new athletic complex. The campus includes covered walkways and a centralized playground providing maximum security and safety for the students.

The new facility also features a 4,700 sq. ft. off-site Athletic Complex comprised of new synthetic turf football field, crusher fine running track, grandstands, and athletic support building.

A portion of the remodel renovation was within the Historic Edith Teter School House built in 1898 (this is the oldest school house in the State of Colorado.

The Fairplay P -12 School is LEED Gold certificated and utilizes an innovative wood-fired biomass boiler as a renewable energy source.