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Choate OneLife Stand-Down

ChoateCoEach day, Choate Construction Company represents thousands of families who depend on their loved ones’ safe return home. The OneLife identity conveys our unwavering commitment to worker safety, reminding us safety isn’t a set of protocols but is a fundamental value.

Across all jobsites and offices, employees displayed their commitment to the OneLife safety program by taking a moment of silence to reflect on the importance of safety and how safe decisions affect not only their life but also their loved ones. Following the moment of silence, each jobsite conducted a Choate OneLife Stand-Down. Work paused briefly as Choate personnel spoke candidly to trade professionals about the importance of jobsite safety. The Stand-Down brought renewed dedication to OneLife, encouraging employees to­­­ make intelligent decisions with safety at the forefront. ­

“Talking openly and honestly about safety and its personal significance to our workforce is the foundation of Choate’s OneLife program,” Corporate Safety Director Chad Hart said. “We’re moving past strictly emphasizing rules and regulations and are empowering our team to take ownership in their safety and lives to preserve their legacy.”

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