Fairplay P-12 School (BEST Program)

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
Client: Douglas County High School

Located in the rural mountain town of Fairplay, Colorado, the 125,000 sq. ft. project provides a new state-of-the-art P-12 education campus. The project was completed in several phases. The campus features separate facilities for the Elementary, Middle and High School as well as new athletic complex. The campus includes covered walkways and a centralized playground providing maximum security and safety for the students.

The new facility also features a 4,700 sq. ft. off-site Athletic Complex comprised of new synthetic turf football field, crusher fine running track, grandstands, and athletic support building.

A portion of the remodel renovation was within the Historic Edith Teter School House built in 1898 (this is the oldest school house in the State of Colorado.

The Fairplay P -12 School is LEED Gold certificated and utilizes an innovative wood-fired biomass boiler as a renewable energy source.