Superica – Krog Street Market

Superica, a “Mex-Tex” inspired restaurant with a casual and lively atmosphere influenced by the famous Chef Ford Fry’s Texan roots, is a 4,983 SF restaurant is taking a space at Krog Street Market. Formerly Tyler Perry’s studio in Inman Park, the transformation of the existing warehouse space turns into an upscale restaurant with wood-burning grills and an indoor/outdoor patio bar set up to host live music.

The project is located within a recently renovated building classified as an A-2 assembly occupancy.  The construction type is IIIB and is fully equipped with a NFPA 13 Dry System.

Bank of North Carolina Fit-Up at 3515 Glenwood

Located in 3515 Glenwood Avenue, also constructed by Choate Construction, Bank of North Carolina opens an office and full-service bank branch in the first generation space. Over 40 private offices allow ample space for Bank of North Carolina’s corporate real estate division. Custom prefinished walnut cabinetry runs throughout the office and bank areas while a wood base lines the floor, adding a warm and traditional feel to the space. The bank features a fully-automated drive-through with a pneumatic tube system running underground to the bank teller. A break room and multiple conference areas complete the space.

SMU Gerald Ford Stadium Renovations

Renovation & upgrades to the Ford Stadium included the addition of eight new suites / 163 new seats, and a new 228-seat Hall of Champions Club, in time for the 2013 season and SMU’s move to the BIG EAST. Among the great features of the new Club and suites is their indoor/outdoor design which will allow fans to enjoy the comfort of indoor amenities as well as the excitement of sitting out in the bowl and hearing the roar of the crowd and the hard-hitting action on the field.

Infosys Data Center

The conversion of an existing Class A office space into a new 5,000 SF data center was achieved in three short months in a fully occupied building without incident or disruption of service to occupants. The supporting infrastructure areas are protected by an Inergen fire suppression system as well as a city required, redundant fail safe pre-action system. The requirement for standalone and uninterrupted operation of servers required that new dedicated infrastructure be added, including new electrical service, UPS, standalone Chilled Water Cooling System with air cooled chillers and an emergency generator for back-up power. A new service yard (tilt-wall enclosure) was constructed in the adjacent parking lot for securing the generator and cooling tower from outside interference or tampering.

Wisconsin Central-CN Railroad

A single-story, 13,000 s.f. office building along with an exterior fueling center that is 60,000 s.f. This includes (3) 50,000 gallon diesel storage/fueling tanks, locomotive lube oil tank, sanding storage towers and sanding silos.

Virginia Tile

Commercial showroom with high end finishes and exposed systems and ceiling. The showroom is located in a 3-story residential building with retail on the first level.

Volunteers of America Early Childhood Education Center

When making plans for the future few things are as certain as who will be the teachers, mayor, police officers, doctors and engineers the children of today. A renewed focus on providing those children, more specifically those living below the poverty level, with the resources to find success at the earliest stages of development was the driving force for the Volunteers of America (VOA) Early Childhood Education Center.

The VOA-operated Great Kids Head Start Delegate Center in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood, which has been providing early childhood education to preschool children since 2001, had outgrown its location and held a waiting list of 30 eligible children. Enter, VOA Early Childhood Education Center, a new 11,425-square-foot facility located adjacent to a new affordable housing community where many eligible children and families reside.

Valley Catholic Athletic Fields

Lewis recently completed this athletic field renovation for Valley Catholic High School in Beaverton, Oregon. The existing field was removed to install proper under field drainage and extensive stormwater utilities as well as a new stormwater swale. Additionally, the project included a new 3,200 square foot field house, 500 seat bleacher grandstand and a press box building. The new field house provides a variety of amenities for athletic events including restrooms, concessions, team locker rooms and a training room.

Retail at Via6

Lewis built innovative high-end retail integrated with the public lobby of a twin-tower apartment complex. The project included: a 10,000 square foot Assembly Hall for renowned chef Tom Douglas, including TanakaSan (an Asian-inspired fusion restaurant);,Home Remedy (grocery and deli focusing on Tom Douglas’ brand); Bishop’s Barbershop; Assembly (juice and coffee bar); and Velo Bike Shop, which includes a retail store and a bicycle locker and shower facility for inbound commuters.

Rhythm at Music Row

The condominiums at Rhythm have stunning views of downtown Nashville, Music Row, and the Icon at the Gulch (also built by Choate Construction). This 14-story mixed-use project includes 99 condominiums, a four-level structured parking deck, and ground-level, upscale retail space.

High class amenities such as a pool and Jacuzzi, outdoor kitchens, fitness rooms, private club room, and lounging areas make Rhythm the destination spot for Nashville urban living. The building offers one and two-bedroom units, designed over three levels of elevated parking and 5,271 SF of retail. Condominiums range from approximately 800 to 1,500 SF and feature outdoor private balconies with scenic views of downtown Nashville.