Broomfield Event Center

As the anchor for the 215-acre multi-use development, Arista, the Broomfield Event Center will host concerts, trade shows, rodeos and other community functions as well as athletic events.  At 180,000 s.f., the facility will include 6,000 seats, 25 suites, 900 club seats, a 200-seat restaurant, two club lounges and a separate basketball facility.

This venue will be home to two professional minor league sports teams; the Rocky Mountain Rage of the Central Hockey League and the Colorado 14ers of the Continental Basketball Association.

Construction for this state-of-the-art facility began in October 2005.  The site also includes a 1,500 space parking garage which we are building concurrently with the Event Center and both facilities are on schedule to open Fall 2006.

Apex Recreation Center

At 168,000 s.f., this new indoor water theme park and family center displays a new adventure look for recreation centers.  The innovative concepts for the structural steel, glass, precast and brick veneer are carried throughout the facility.  An “old mining town” theme and interactive water play system are integrated into the aquatic area. There are two separate NHL size ice arenas, two gymnasiums, an aerobics room, climbing wall, cafe-bar area and a soft-play children’s room with an interactive treehouse. At a cost of $22.7 million, the facility is the largest recreation district owned center in the country.

zMax Dragway at Concord

Joining the Lowe’s Motor Speedway’s legendary complex is the quarter-mile ZMax Dragway, the largest drag strip ever built.  Features include a five story 34,000 SF scoring tower with luxury suites, press boxes, grand stands, and a spectator’s amenity facilities for national NHRA qualifier and championship events.  Amazingly, the schedule for the entire complex was seven months.  In typical Choate fashion, it was completed in five months and $500,000 under budget.

Five Seasons Sports Country Club

Corporex Development Services of Covington, Kentucky was entering the Chicago market with two new sports country clubs, one in Burr Ridge and the other in Northbrook. Krusinski Construction Company was hired to construct both facilities. The out of state owners wanted to have day-to-day oversight to make sure the new facilities conformed to previously opened clubs in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. To make that possible, web-based cameras were installed at each site that automatically photographed the two sites every 15 minutes. The photos were then posted on the Krusinski web-site providing a visual progress report.