InVue Security

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Client: InVue Security

Founded in 1974, InVue Security is a global leader in developing innovative products that focus on preventing retail theft for today’s newest technology. These security devices protect merchandise on display in retail stores in the video, music, wearable technology, and personal device industries. InVue more than doubles its footprint in the Charlotte, NC area with this corporate headquarters campus. The campus houses a research and development lab, product testing lab, quality control operations center, main IT hub, and data center for their worldwide operations. The corporate headquarters features a striking building with three floors above grade and a below-grade basement. The basement level is constructed of cast-in-place concrete, creating the foundation for the three floors above which are comprised of structural steel with exposed steel brace framing. Substantial masonry work and glass curtain wall make up the building’s exterior façade. Two elevators service the central core of the building. Sitework includes ample parking for InVue’s employees and visitors.