Follett Educational Services

Location: Woodridge, Illinois
Client: Follett Educational Services

This 9,000-square-foot high tech data center, designed to house some 200 servers and operate as a centralized data hub for more than six Follett companies includes:

• Installation of overhead floor membrane
• Installation of raised access floor system
• Installation of N + 1 configuration for major mechanical and electrical infrastructure components
• Installation of dual fire suppression system which included gaseous system supplemented with pre-action, double interlocked, dry-pipe sprinkler system
• Installation of dedicated redundant AC electrical power service with a UPS system and 5,000 gallon back-up generator for 24×7 facility operation
• Installation of complex HVAC system comprising four 20-ton units
• 800A master switch board with automatic transfer switch (ATS) by-pass
• Hydrogen detection system with exhaust fan link
• Six (6) CRAC units (Liebert)
• Four (4) 150Kva UPS units with wet cell batteries
• Four (4) 400A PDU distribution cabinets
• Single tier cable ladder rack with Panduit cable management system
• Two (2) fiber hand holes for optional fiber service
• Tier 2 Data Center