Behavioral Finance Innovator Award Planning Awarded to Choate's CFO

October 2014

New logoChoate’s CFO Awarded Behavioral Finance Innovator Award Planning for the retirement futures of Choate employees is no easy undertaking, but it is one Choate’s own Chief Financial Officer David Page set his sights on. And today he is recognized for his efforts and cutting edge techniques implemented which positively impacted the financial outcomes of the employees. Highlights of these practices include convenient 401(k) enrollment, which provided all employees the opportunity to plan for retirement, as well as easier-to-comprehend diversified “smart funds” managed by a designated portfolio manager to help reach a goal of 90% participation, a savings rate goal of 10% and to get employees into a one-stop professionally managed portfolio. All for the purpose of helping Choate employees have the successful future we all hope for. “We’ve been working towards this for several years, and the positive impact achieved has been astonishing. Our increased participation has improved by extraordinary margins,” said David. “I am very proud of the award but even more proud of what Choate has accomplished and Choate’s commitment to our employees and the forward thinking taking their best interest at heart.” Given by the Allianz Global Investors, the inaugural award, one of only two in the nation that will be given this year; the other award winner being The Mall of America.