The El Felix Restaurant Review

March 2015

New logoThe AJC reviewed Chef Ford Fry’s newest restaurant concept The El Felix, located at the Avalon mixed-use development in Alpharetta, GA. Ranking it “very good,” the “Tex-Mex” inspired restaurant comes to life in a 6,827-SF space. Alongside other high-end retail and restaurant spaces, the restaurant brings the feel of Austin, TX, to suburban Georgia with a casual and lively atmosphere. Excerpt from the article: The eating and drinking happens in a big U set around the central foyer, with the open kitchen’s sizzle and clatter off to the far side. The tables have some breathing room. You don’t shout yourself hoarse here but rather (!!!) converse. Designers have had a lot of fun with the look, applying an interior decorator’s aesthetic sense to industrial elements — stacks of patterned concrete blocks, a chain-link fence room divider, and brickwork laid with starburst gaps. She plays around with the junkyard salvage look and the tatty hacienda look, but avoids the cliches of both. Click here to read the full article.