The Women’s Museum

Location: Dallas, Texas
Client: The Women's Museum

Rogers-O’Brien Construction completed restoration of “The Women’s Museum” for The Foundation for Women’s Resources, a private nonprofit organization located in Austin, Texas. The restoration won considerable recognition from a multitude of associations and from the state, including the Dallas Preservation Achievement Award, the Texas Building Branch-AGC Outstanding Construction Award, the QUOIN Summit Award and the ABC Excellence in Construction Award. The facility, built in 1910 as the State Fair Coliseum, now serves as a national museum focused solely on the historical achievements and contributions of women. Rogers-O’Brien was called upon to renovate the existing building (approximately 70,000 square feet) and to restore the facility’s fountains and other unique elements. Innovation programs intertwined throughout many areas of the restoration project in cooperation with the U.S. Parks Department and the Dallas Landmark Commission, and the Texas Historic Commission.