Network Appliance Campus

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Client: Network Appliance, Inc.

Choate Construction Company has completed numerous projects for Network Appliance, the network storage company based in California, for a total of 422,000 SF.

Network Appliance Building 1
This 165,000-SF cold shell building was converted to a warm shell, followed by the completion of 125,000 SF of interior space. Interior environments included approximately 40,000 SF of R&D laboratory, training facilities, an executive briefing center as well as open office/systems furniture plan for global support personnel.

Network Appliance RTP Building 2
The next phase of expansion involves the conversion of a cold shell office building to a warm shell state, fitting out approximately 150,000 SF to accommodate customer support, product development, software development and laboratory/data center business unit expansion needs.

Network Appliance Dedicated Lab – RTP Building 4
This dedicated lab facility contains over 2,100 racks of data equipment, with the lab environment designed at over 650 watts per square foot. Over 11,000 tons of cooling capacity is delivered by four (4) 2,800 ton centrifugal chillers served by 8 cooling towers. Chilled water runs through the coils of eighty (80) 45,000 CFM air handling units which deliver a collective 3.6 million CFM to the laboratory environment. The structural steel frame is clad in architectural metal panels with weather-proof relief air louvers surrounding almost the entire 3rd level, dedicated solely to the air handling equipment and half of the electrical distribution gear.