IKEA Centennial

Location: Centennial, Colorado
Client: IKEA Property, Inc.

This project includes a 1,500-car parking garage, 415,000 sf retail showroom with 50 different room settings and three complete model home interiors, warehouse, a supervised children’s play area, and a 500-seat Swedish specialties restaurant.

IKEA Centennial is the first U.S. IKEA store to integrate a geothermal system. This technology involves drilling 130 holes – each 5.5 inches wide and 500 feet deep – into the earth for pipes holding heat-transferring liquid circulating through underground loops to either warm-up or cool-down the temperature inside the store. All of this equates to the one of the largest geothermal systems in the U.S.

In addition, the facility has a 60,000 sf solar array consisting of a 498-kW system, built with 2,212 photovoltaic panels, and will produce approximately 740,000 kWh of electricity annually for the store, the equivalent to reducing 586 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The project was completed approximately 3.5 months early.