Bank of North Carolina Build – 3515 Glenwood

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Client: Bank of North Carolina

A vacant 1960s-era facility is demolished to make way for a 99,916-SF building featuring a full-service Bank of North Carolina branch and Class A office space for various tenants. A fusion of traditional materials and contemporary lines, 3515 Glenwood Avenue blends seamlessly into the well-traveled Glenwood Avenue. Choate completes the core and shell of the four-story building as well as the main lobby space. Foundation walls with a structural steel frame plus a mechanical rooftop unit form the building. Masonry with precast concrete accents and curtain wall glazing systems adorn the exterior of the building. Designed to LEED Certification, 3515 Glenwood Avenue doubles the existing site density without increasing impervious area. The structure sits atop 25,000 SF of parking, allowing ample space for building tenants and Bank of North Carolina customers alike.