9th and Colorado

Location: Denver, Colorado
Client: Continuum Partners and CIM Group

The redevelopment of the former University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center was recently the center of attention as Saunders performed a major implosion to start construction on a highly anticipated mixed-use development project.

The initial scope includes the environmental abatement and complete demolition of 15 existing buildings totaling 1,985,800 sq. ft. and interior demolition of three buildings, which are anticipated to be re-purposed as a part of the redevelopment. Additionally, Saunders will provide new utilities, roads, a two-block underground parking structure and infrastructure to enable future development.

The development team has proposed a $419 million redevelopment that will include 900 to 1,100 units of apartments and for-sale housing, 250,000 SF of retail and 125,000 sq. ft. of office space. The plan calls for the creation of a highly walkable and bike friendly project, integrating open green space and pedestrian amenities. The redevelopment will include a horizontal and vertical mix of uses, including residential, office, retail, restaurant, hotel and public space. The retail component will focus on creating a mix of retailers and restaurants, which will include national, regional and local businesses.