IMC Vertical Screen Groundbreaking

April 2010

IMC is pleased to announce the recent groundbreaking of the Vertical Screen new World Headquarters in Warminster, PA. The Vertical Screen project redevelops a former Brownfield site once occupied by the Naval Air Warfare Center. The building incorporates numerous green technologies to achieve the LEED certification goal of Platinum.

To achieve LEED Platinum several Sustainability Features include:
• Closed-loop geothermal water source heat pump
• Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) system heats and cools from the ground up
• Rainwater harvesting system with 50,000 gallon underground storage tank that will be used to flush low-flow toilets, irrigate interior green walls and site landscaping
• Building-integrated photovoltaic system that will supply 100-450 KW of electricity through the use of a high-efficiency solar array
• Groundwater infiltration system promotes groundwater recharge through use of rain gardens and flat-bottom infiltration basins

Project Team
Owner: Vertical Screen Inc. &
Petaluma Partners I

Owner’s Consultant:Dan Bleznak

Construction Manager: IMC Construction

Architect: Erdy McHenry Architecture

MEPFP Engineers:Alderson Engineering

Civil Engineers: Bohler Engineering

Structural Engineers: Harmon Associates

LEED Consultant: Re:Vision Architecture

Commissioning Agent: Bala Consulting Engineers